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Fiction based on true events

COURAGE, HONOR, FIDELITY (chapters 6 thru 14.Please click on "edit" to read the story.)

Chapter 6
I jumped into the chopper and it quickly took off. I looked around and saw there were other Marines on it already. They were sitting on their flack jackets. I didn’t know what the purpose was so I kept mine on. A major was trying to talk to me above the roar of the engines. I assumed he was the S-2. I could tell he hadn’t been in the field long, he still wore his cloth insignias on his collar. Nobody had told him to take the insignias off. The snipers looked for the officers first.

Courage Honor and Fidelity Chapters 1 thru 5

Nick LaGrulla
“There is no Good or Bad in War, there is only Bad and worse. In war good people are obliged to do bad things because that is the tenor of war”- Author unknown