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Trex World, Part 36

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“So, where are we going?” Paul asked following Amanda_adnamA’s shapely form down the spiral staircase. She had her gold spun hair in a bun, held tight with elegantly adorned chopsticks. Their simple refinement shouted subscription heaven. Perhaps they were as easy to remove as they were on the eyes…Stop it, told himself, forcibly letting go fantasies of taking her in this cozy space. Just stop it.

“Your interview, like I said.”

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Trex World, Part 35

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Paul waited in the the apex of Taste!’s HQ, staring out the panoramic windows that offered little in the way of an interesting view. The building’s just not tall enough, yet, he thought. A small slice of the pie shaped space allowed one to peer out, towards the edge of the Expanse, where the Business District buildings receded like…like something from a dream. The Floor was teeming with folk. Of course it was, it always was. It seemed so calm from here, though, at this level. How calm it must seem from the top of PanPro? How calm from the president’s suite in the Center? Places he would never enter. Nor did he ever really want to. He realized that now. After all his time on the Expanse, in the Capillaries, under the Skylight, his ambition in life had been nothing more than to get out from under his parent’s watchful eye and just be on his own. And that’s exactly where his was now, on his own, looking to a bunch of kids for salvation from being Dispossessed.

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Trex World, part 34

Link to part 1

Her eyes went wide. Amanda_adnamA stared off into some unknown distance. “That’s….That’s a very good idea, Paul.”

“Yeah, I’m full of ‘em,” He said, and his focus fell onto her mouth. The crenulations of her lips, the whiteness of her teeth. the coyness of her tongue. “But right now, I’ve wandered into something for which I’m all out of ideas.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I got no job and I got no prospects and in a day or so, I’ll have got myself no placed to live, either.”