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Purify - Chapter 18 Cathy

Cathy had been exploring a planet in the Telubi three system, looking for a suitable destinations for her tourism company. She ran New Worlds, a tour company for the new age as it says in her publicity.

New Worlds looks for planets that haven’t developed a dominant intelligent species yet and then adds then to their catalogue of holiday destinations with a list of the attractions.

Operation: Shell Game

Operation: Shell Game

“Jackie… I mean it”, the scrambled voice spoke adamantly into her earpiece.

“I love you too, honey. It’s just that I’ve got a time frame thing going on here…” the raven haired woman replied into the air, “you know how the child can be.”

“Er, uh…. Roger that. Make sure you pick up milk and bread,” replied the scrambled voice, suddenly unsure of both the conversation and the security level.