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Assman Comeuppance: Part of the Larryville Opera of Awkward Indulgence

Laying on his stomach in a peculiar arrangement that had not been seen at the Larryville Memorial Hospital in recent memory, Joe Bob handled the meaty mounds of flesh that had once comprised his ass. They made a slightly humorous clap-clopping sound as he slapped the separated buttocks together like a pair of fleshy cymbals.

He was distressed at their softness.

Poetry - Pain Again

Pain is getting stronger and stronger,

The pain of being betrayed...

Pain of hatred,

Crossing paths,

Pain encompassing me wholly,

Like a million needles gone crazy...

I feel so betrayed,

I feel so out from the world,

My emotions are taking me places,

Where I do not want to go,

My heart is full o' pain...

My inner being is crying,

Frightened being, painful interior,

I feel so much out...

I want out,

Out from all pain,

Sometimes I believe oblivion,

Will take her turn with me,

Maybe for a better (or is it bitter???) turn,