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Trex World, Part 40

Link to part 1

They left the bank by tubewerx, peristalting their way to a node that was local to Paul’s borough. It was a casual stroll though avenues that Paul was instinctively familiar with. What was extra nice was not having to go home to say goodbye to it. What remained to be seen though was what exactly the taster’s where planning on doing with it. Extension office? Holy shight, what was that supposed to mean? What was in store for him now?

“So,” started Paul as they got to his door. “Does extension office mean anything like HR office?”

“We’ll be seeing about that, mainline, now why don’t you get around to trexing that door open.”

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Trex World, part 30

Link to part 1

He awoke to see the visage of the Detective glaring down at him. “Idiot,” she intoned.

“Good to see you toof, detectif. Fleebus Marley, waffs wrong wiff me.”

“That’s something I’d like to know, truth be told. You’re on assignment, Paul. I should have you retired for obstruction of justice.”