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Half Breeds- Part Three

Most guys hate the lab. Not me. They hate the lectures, the updates, the endless tinkering. I like to show off.

When someone says to me “Hey, what have you been doing with your imaging links?” or “This ware was never meant to work under these conditions!” it’s a compliment. Officially, they have to disapprove. Secretly, they like it. They just want to see what’s cool and what’s next like anyone else.

Half Breeds- Part Two

His actual title is “Resource Liaison.” Parole officer is a more accurate term. Since more than 40% of me is enhanced prosthetic or combat tech, I’m government property. Subject to recall and deployment at any time.

Sometimes I wonder if there was a debate over the 40% demarcation, or whether it was just slipped in a bill that no one read.

Half Breeds- Part One

I remember my grandmother. Sitting on those hard, wooden kitchen chairs... or was it a bench? I can’t remember.

Her hair was long and black. She never smiled. Later someone would say it was just an “injun thing.”

She’d work in the kitchen. She was always in the kitchen, cooking meals for the procession of men who walked through. Some of them uncles, some of them uncle’s friends. Some of them... who knows?

She’d always talk. Sometimes one of the guys would want to put some music on.

“Stop that noise,” she’d say.

Skullhack Part 3

Skullhack part 3
By R.B. Clements

Philadelphia, 2065

Detective Orleans of the PPD cursed. Not to himself. Not under his breath, but loudly, so everyone could clearly hear what he was saying. There were times when no other words will come, and this was definitely one of them.


What Happens

So my first real attempt at a Science Fiction story. If nothing else, I had a lot of fun writing it!

"What Happens?"

A Small Problem

A Small Problem