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Discovery 2.0

Ah yes! Discovery 2.0 encourages people to try new things! That's mainly why I'm here, but being a sci-fi reader helped carve the path. Now...if I can only find somebody I know here...

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Charlie D and The Fed pt.2

In the month leading up to our first buy, I learned about changes in relationships. History lecture went into the silliness of monogamy. At the time, humans were riddled w/ diseases from Aids to Zoonosis. Since teleportation allowed for the specific removal of diseased cells over an hour, discreetness of sexual partners was a thing of the past. This sexual revolution blew away everything before it. The word taboo only applied to yogurt ads now. Incest, as said in the documentary, "ain't no thang". Even now, I find things from my age that I will not cross in this age.

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Charlie D and The Fed pt.1

Ship's docked, so I hit up the bar. Every word glows green here. I don't speak Romulan, or anything but English, luckily that works everywhere in the universe. The drinks taste bad, but the alcohol has bite. At least the local ladies grow out their hair, the military ones are just rednecks with semi-mullets and shoulder pads. The planet seems odd with sophisticated country folk and idiotic city dwellers. The music is terrible, but I'm a fish out of time and water regarding most tastes. After ten drinks, I figured the closest hottie deserved to hear my life story.

Eta Carinae

So let me preface this by cheering you up. Life can't be all that bad- they make sauces for dog food. That says something about the capacity for love in the human heart. Even when we can't save millions of people from starving, as isolated as our situation makes us, we still love our pets and want them to be comfortable and happy. Every time my wife gets depressed, I point that out to her. So life can't be all that bad.