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Aang can stay ASIAN and still SAVE THE WORLD

Viacom uses copyright to censor racism protest

Madeline sez, "To protest the casting of white actors in Asian and Inuit roles for the live-action production of 'The Last Airbender,' (based on the animated series 'Avatar: The Last Airbender,' which features primarily Asian iconography, calligraphy, and fight choreography), fan Glockgal began making t-shirts that read 'This is not a tan' and "Aang can stay Asian and still save the world.' Viacom, one of the companies which owns a license for the series, has ordered to take down her storefront.

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Omnitrex Tech part 13

Link to part 1

His mother’s name was Isabelle, his father was Tristan. They were both happy people, both very much in love with one another. Their flat was on the edge of the Capillaries, close to the Expanse, it offered actual windows in the south wall. Young Paul would spend hours between online lessons just staring at the streaming people, in and out, in and out, never ceasing in motion save for the New or at least the out of the ordinary.