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Rudy Rucker versus the Singularity

Science fiction writer and mathematician Rudy Rucker takes a running swing at the idea of the Singularity, the moment in human history when we disassemble raw matter, turn it into "computronium" and upload ourselves to it, inhabiting a simulation of reality rather than real reality. It's a fine and provocative turn from our Mr Rucker, who has a fine and provocative and deeply weird and wonderful mind.

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The Singularity Hates Kansas

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The butterfly that flits about me is a real butterfly. Not a spybot or a weatherbug or a wireless node. The downy, pollinated tufts of the cottonwood trees aren’t laced with malign virus, are not Twittering about yields and densities to googol-sized datapods walking around on the other side of the planet. I cannot, for instance, open one of the seed pods and pull out a pair of socks.

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da bawm, pt 1: SEED

Oh, this hallowed ground.
Be merciful and let us once again expand upon thee.
In Ludd's Name, amen.

Sometimes it's dangerous carrying analogies too far. Such was the case for the creators of the Hawking Bomb. Their screams still echo in the midnight halls of yesterday's dreams. Damn them to hell for unleashing such nightmares.

Dawning Obsolete?

*/Introduction: hi, this is a story I wrote today. I am new to writing, so I would appreciate any comments or suggestions. This short-short-story is a quick little dream I had about a million years hence. One possible future. I have done much reading about the singularity and other such stuff, which has some influence on this piece. Thanks! -R. B. Clements/*

Infinite Iteration
By R.B. Clements

Not a bunch of softies, a rant about Hard SF

This is my contribution to the Singularity -vs- Science Fiction writing discussion here on Oort-Cloud.

This essay was originally published on my blog and later published on

. . .

I've always been a fan of Hard Science Fiction myself (the kind of thing sometimes described as 'Science Fiction with bolts'). So I was happy to find, a web portal that focuses squarely on that subgenre:

Singular Musings

kelson.philo recently asked on his oort-cloud blog what we think of the singularity. Well, here's what I think of it.

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Before and After the Singularity

So, what do folks think about the Vinge Singularity?


Does it really signify a stopping point for SF, or will we just have to get through it and see what happens?

The Seed

'The Seed' is a short story I wrote a long time ago and published on the web last year, basically to serve as commentary in a blog discussion of God and the Singularity.

. . .

April showers bring May flowers; sometimes they bring darker things as well...