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Discussion: Movable Feasting

Movable feasting. Yah, I'm rippin' from Ernest, but there it is. I had thought to pose a different discussion question when this idear came to mind. First, though, a teensy bit of background. Air by Geoff Ryman. Have you read it yet? If so, why not? I've pushed this book on a different Oort thread SPLINK before, but I feel compelled to push it some more. Why? Because I've never read an sf book that made me want to weep for joy at the end. It's so got-dam human as well, that I can't get over how it's not getting more press than it deserves. I like it so much, in fact, that I'm willing to mail my copy to you, pay for the postage and all, so that you can read it.

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Discussion: Great writers read as well

So, right now what is everybody reading?

I'm purling through Gravity's Rainbow at the moment, and probably will be for a long time.

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Discussion: Favorite Writing Pitfalls

Alrighty, what's yer favorite writing pitfall?

Mine is the 'anti-cliché cliché'. These are the clichés that result from actively trying not to be cliché in the first place.

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Discussion: Hump Day Hoopla

Wednesday Discussion

I'm going to start this by suggesting that every Wednesday someone(s) come up with a different topic of discussion that relates to OpenLit/Social Publishing/Writing and so on. Why the deadline? Besides the reference to Lenny Zero's developing story, it would appear that published authors tend to work under deadlines, whether enforced by a publisher or by their own selves.