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Zombie Outbreak

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Albatross from My Father pg.2

During the clean up, T. Gondii victims out of range for induced aggression and immune survivors were quarantined with all non-latent infected individuals released after antibiotic treatment. This reconstruction period saw food preservative reintroductions and increased plastics reliance.

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Albatross from My Father

To understand the difference between the first outbreak and the second outbreak, we need to start with a little history. While Toxoplasma Gondii doesn’t appear in any remains prior to 3000 B.C., the transition from hunter gather into food producing nations prepared populations large enough to sustain and slowly spread the parasites across most to the world’s population.

The Dark Mallard

Here's a story that I've been shopping around and getting nowhere. It's a zombie story, which is kind of a spoiler. I mean, it's about the first human victim of a zombie plague. And wouldn't you know it, the zombieism starts in Wisconsin's Northwoods. In the home of an affluent Mexican fella. I give you, the tale of The Dark Mallard.