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This is one bit from a much longer story that I'm going to work on. The background of the overall project:
The setting is historically identical to the real world. In the outer corners of the world though- at the edge cases- bugs show up. Jonas is one of those bugs. When a firearm is aimed at him, it will never fire. When he holds a firearm, even an unloaded one, it will always fire.

The segment that follows is a confused recollection of his part in Pickett's Charge, during the battle of Gettysburg, roughly 20 years before the main part of the story takes place.


The Dead Line-1st revision w/part 3.

' Wuld that I was an artist & had the material to paint this camp & all its horors or the tounge of some eloquent Statesman and had the privleage of expresing my mind to our hon. rulers at Washington, I should gloery to describe this hell on earth where it takes 7 of its ocupiants to make a shadow.'

July 9, 1864, Sgt. David Kennedy of the 9th Ohio Cavalry

“How long is he gonna sit there?” Sergeant Hill pointed at the Indian hanging naked on the Deadline fence.

The Dead Line- Part Two

Key and Hill circled with the two new arrivals and walked uphill.

“You can get a pretty good idea of what’s going on from up here,” called Hill. “Don’t fall behind.”

“Or what?” snapped the exhausted infantryman. “We’ve been marching for three days straight.”

“So what’s another five minutes?” called Key. “Trust me, it’ll be worth it.”

At the top of the hill, they stood with their backs to the dead line fence. They rested for a while, and the new men introduced themselves as Captain Geoffrey Baldwin and Lance Corporal Karl Kramer.