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Trex World part 16

Hooboy. So, I can't stop with the changing of the title. It will prolly keep happening until something finally dings true.

Part 16
Link to part 1

The question reverberated around inside Paul’s skull. The question was a pretty standard take on the usual Saint Sallie asked to citizens who had fallen behind on the posting to the feeds and he had almost puked out his standard answer of “Fine, just fine,” when he found he couldn’t open his mouth. Something in the back of his mind was holding hime back from answering.

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We Make the World, part 15

"Omnitrex Tech" is now "We Make the World". Perhaps one day we'll learn why.

Part 15
Link to part 1

“You’ll be wanting to know who I am, I expect,” she said, exhaling after a long pull from the brown cylinder.

“Yes, I would–”

“But I’m not going to tell you. Not yet.”

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Omnitrex tech part 8

Link to part 1

She is tall, just over six feet, with mouse brown hair swept back into a tight bun. Her piercing green eyes use her full pouting lips to their distracting advantage. She would be beautiful if she wasn’t so severe. The robes and spectacles of her office do not detract from this.

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Omnitrex Tech part 7

Part 7
Link to part 1

Paul was running full speed now, a, something he hadn't done since he was a younger man, since the Games during school, and he was pleased with himself how well he was doing, nearly catching up with the boy. His trex was primed, ready for vid capture.