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Carnival Flame

This is the first in a series of short stories that have been pinging around my head for a while. Eventually I want to make them into an anthology, but first I have to get better at writing. :)
Criticism is welcome. Thank you.


Drumbeats pound through the air, resonating in bone and mind. A steady beat echoes off the wall, thump thumping. The beat starts in the bones, working its way with careful steps to the stomach and below.


Two clouds met and parted. Daniel paused to watch. They seemed to crown the near side of the Narrow's bridge like a Max Flesicher tree yawning over the water, back away from the city's edge.

Everyone Daniel had ever known was dead, but many were also living.

Each night before the sun fell, Daniel wiped his thick hands on his shirt, packed his things into a knapsack, and stepped out to stare at the sky.

Some of my science fiction

A chapter from my story about the end of the world (again).

Glimpses of Infinity

The destruction of the Earth was a high price to pay for proving Einstein Wrong. I know because I saw it happen. Two hours ago I witnessed the end of my world. How?

How could they destroy an entire planet just to prove a theory? And could I yet prevent it from happening? I will find out in the next two hours.