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alternate reality

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"I, Professor"


ROY HINKLEY. A smart, lean, lively fellow in white button down shirt, khaki pants.

SCENE. ROY HINKLEY is center stage, back turned to audience. He is hunched over a small table. On the table is an old radio and coconuts. We hear a hornpipe or whistle play a FEW NOTES OF A SEA SHANTY OR JIG. LIGHTS UP.

ROY: (aware he's not alone, turns around) Oh, hello! I wasn't expecting you until next week. I hope the trip wasn't too arduous. (Beat.) No? Excellent!

Interesting Idea: Clockpunk

Since I don't see a post on this, I thought I'd share.

Clockpunk is similar to steampunk but without the steam. I think it's a faaaaascinating idea, though I've not written anything in the genre. See the clockpunk blog here: