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Stalker Prince 22

Act 1 Scene 22

Lisonse arrives at the facility and goes in the Simulation Room. He loads the stealth program and puts the helmet on. He follows the prior route and eventually finds simulation Sim. She screams and sets off the alarm and armed men burst into the room.

Lisonse: “I'm sorry I killed you last time.”

The men aim at him and fire. Lisonse takes off the helmet to find Sim standing beside him.

Lisonse: “Figured that wouldn't work.”

Sim: “I'm only based on her.”

Lisonse: “So I’m just stuck with you?”

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Stalker Prince 21

Act 1 Scene 21

Lisonse wakes up in the tub. After peeking from the curtain, he walks out, slips on his vomit, and hits his head on the tub. He gets up and rinses his mouth out.

He checks the clock. It's only 4:30 AM. Lisonse showers again, cleans off his tooth brush, and brushes his teeth. Then he cleans up the mess from earlier and dresses himself. He opens the refrigerator while making sure he's looking over door. Lisonse constantly looks in all directions as he eats breakfast. The clock reads 7:00AM. After hitting the rest room, he looks around the corners and then grabs his bike.

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Stalker Prince 20

Act 1 Scene 20

Lisonse jumps and falls off bed.

Sim: “You knew you were predisposed for VR addiction and went in anyways.”

Lisonse: “You’re not real.”

Sim: “That’s hardly a factor.”

Lisonse: “I'm ignoring you.”

Sim: “Ignoring yourself?”

Lisonse: “No, I’m ignoring you.”

Sim: “It's not ignoring if you reply.”

Lisonse: “I'm ignoring you after this reply.”

Sim: “What?”

Lisonse: “I’m …”

Lisonse glares at Sim, and then
closes his eyes to find himself alone. Lisonse wakes to the sound of his alarm clock.

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Stalker Prince 19

Act 1 Scene 19

Mr.Walson, Santi, and Lisonse get into the car. Mr.Walson hands them the inhibitors.

Mr.Walson: “Sorry.”

Santi and Lisonse put them on and pass out. The two youths wake as the car arrives at the facility. Once inside, the two are joined by the other seven youths in the front room.

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Stalker Prince 18

Act 1 Scene 18

The meals are served to everyone except Section 4.

Santi: “So do y’all not eat?”

Raul: “Well, we eat but this stuff doesn’t work well. Staying sterile is a major part of hindering decay.”

While eating, Section 3 points at Santi.

Section 3 Head: “So is the nano guy?”

Mr.Walson: “No, the scrawny one.”

Section 3 Head: “So what all do they do?”

Lisonse: “They don’t really work. They stay in place decent enough though.”

Section 3 Head: “Kinda lame, Ralph.”

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Stalker Prince 17

Act 1 Scene 17

Mr.Walson points at Lisonse, then Santi.

Mr.Walson: “Lisonse. Santi.”

Section 4 Head: “How uh… are they along?”

Mr.Walson: “Within the week at the most.”

Section 1 Head: “In any case, we have things to discuss. Section 2, you’re behind on schedule.”

Mr.Walson: “Everything’s being worked out. One of the front group’s trying to renegotiate the terms for filing our smaller patents through them. But a push is in order.”

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Stalker Prince 16

Act 1 Scene 16

Lisonse is nudge awake.

Rob: “Hey, are you alright? You were mumbling a lot in your sleep.”

Lisonse: “I think so. What time is it?”

Rob: “About 6:30.”

Lisonse groans.

Lisonse: “Is there a place to get something to eat around here?”

Rob: “Yeah, they’ve got pretty much everything around here. The food’s not amazing, but it’s free. Oh, the boss wanted to see you once you’re done. Something about a meeting.”

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Stalker Prince 15

Act 1 Scene 15

The environment is a city. The youths are checking out the area when Mr.Walson snaps his fingers.

Mr.Walson: “The object for simplification is a round blue disc inside this building. There are search lights, guards, and various other obstacles. Retrieve it.”

The youths split into their respective groups. Santi’s group is gone and Ted’s group starts walking around. Rex’s group huddles.

Rex: “How do we do this?”

Lisonse: “Did Santi’s group use the front door?”

Rex: “I’m not sure. Check it.”

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Stalker Prince 14

Act 1 Scene 14

Lisonse is shown biking home with shaky balance. Once home, he falls asleep on the floor. Lisonse wakes up around six and bikes to the hub. Mr.Chesney stops him at the door.

Mr.Chesney: “What’s your deal? First you’re late, and you didn’t even show up yesterday.”

Lisonse: “Wait, I was here yesterday.”

Mr.Chesney: “That was Wednesday. I’ve been giving you a little lee way on account of your beat downs, but this cuts it...”

Lisonse: “Please don’t. I need this job. Well, I’m applicable for welfare, but I like being employed.”

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Stalker Prince 13

Act 1 Scene 13

TV: “A full person is aware of their environment. You are full people. Full people are part of The Organization. The Organization’s information is for full people only.”

The film ends and the youths get up.

Mr.Walson: “I think we’ll call it quits for today. Get a good night’s sleep.”

The youths leave. Lisonse is shown entering his house and placing his personal bike its place. He then eats, brushes his teeth, takes a shower and goes to bed.