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Stalker Prince 32

Act 2 Scene 6

Lisonse: “Unit 4 deactivate system”

Nothing happens again.

Lisonse: “Deactivate system, Unit 4.

Unit 4 system off. Unit 4 power down system. Unit 4 system power down.”

Sim: “Looks like we have a problem.”

Lisonse: “It won’t work.”

Lisonse begins to breathe hard and
pace around.

Sim: “That doesn’t help.”

Lisonse: “Shut up!”

Juppin: “I didn’t say anything.”

Lisonse: “I wasn’t talking to you!”

Juppin backs against the wall.

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Stalker Prince 31

Act 2 Scene 5

Sim: “Alright, do you remember where the others said they were going?”

Lisonse: “Santi at Joe’s. Ted at the Copy Center. Rob at a sandwich shop. Something about fruit. Where’s the closest one?”

Sim: “Unfortunately, we need to visit another directory.”

There is the faint sound of police car sirens in the distance.
Lisonse climbs back down and looks for Joe’s, Copy Center, and any sandwich shops close to fruit shops.

The Copy Center is closest. Lisonse climbs back up and begins running across building tops.

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Stalker Prince 30

Act 2 Scene 4

Lisonse is traveling across the roof tops, doing some minor damage because of speed. After a while he stops.

Sim: “Did not expect that.”

Lisonse: “Why could I talk to her?”

Sim: “Cooties?”

Lisonse looks at her.

Sim: “Fair enough. Brainwashing? You got a significant amount of pre-learning and learned an insignificant amount of stuff.”

Lisonse: “This complicates things. Hold on.”

Lisonse drops down and hops back up with a dirty piece of paper and a broken red crayon. He places it on the roof and writes, “the crayon is

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Stalker Prince 29

Act 2 Scene 3

Lisonse lands on the roof top and looks around.

Lisonse: “This is it, I think. How do we find her?”

Sim: “Find an open window and we’ll start from there.”

Lisonse finds one , looks in, and crawls through. He opens the door and peaks quickly. There are a few people at the end of the hall talking. He closes the door and looks around the office. Lisonse checks through the phone list and find the reporters’ name and number. He dials it.

Reporter1: “Hello Tracy.”

Lisonse: “Can I talk to you in my office?”

Reporter1: “You’re not Tracy.”

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Stalker Prince 28

Act 2 Scene 2

Night approaches when Lisonse enters slowly. He keeps to the walls. He peeks around the corner, seeing public cameras.

Sim: “There’s less chance of being spotted higher up.”

Lisonse jumps a significant distance before quickly climbing the rest of the way up.

Sim: “You’re not as heavy I’d imagine.”

Lisonse: “Thanks, I try to keep my figure.”

Sim looks at him.

Lisosnse: “After the whole ‘don’t ask what you know’, you kinda walked right into that one. If it’d been super heavy or something, it’ve probably broken. I get it.”

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Stalker Prince 27

Act 2 Scene 1

Lisonse is running very fast through the woods and breathing very hard.

Sim: “Stop.”

Lisonse screeches to a halt and tries to catch his breath.

Sim: “We need to think about this. Also, stop breathing.”

Lisonse: “I hardly think that’s going to help the situation.”

Sim: “This isn’t your body and you’re not actually breathing. You’re just making noise and pushing your chest in and out. It’s loud and annoying. Stop.”

Lisonse stops for a moment, then restarts.

Lisonse: “It’s an uncomfortable feeling. I’ll just be quite.”

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Stalker Prince 26

Act 1 Scene 26

Lisonse puts on the belt.

Lisonse: “Mind if I take off my jacket?”

Mr.Walson: “I was actually going to suggest that. The less volume, the better. The safety cylinders have more than enough room to hold you, but I’d suggest not testing it. We actually had a guy bust his once.”

Lisonse: “Is he alright?”

Mr.Walson laughs.

Mr.Walson: “I’ll put it like this. Two of the janitors committed suicide. In any case, what number’s on the belt?”

Lisonse: “Four.”

Mr.Walson covers his eyes.

Mr.Walson: “Unit four, activate system.”

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Stalker Prince 25

Act 1 Scene 25

Lisonse looks at the display.

Lisonse: “Looks like a costume.”

Mr.Walson: “Well, that’s because it is, but the important thing is it represents a revolution of revolutions. Forget drone hacking and forget AI’s.”

Lisonse: “How?”

Mr.Walson: “Simple. Move around physics.”

Lisonse: “That seems even more complicated.”

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Stalker Prince 24

Act 1 Scene 24

Lisonse wakes up. He takes out his cell phone, switches it to voice record mode, and puts it back in his jacket pocket. Lisonse finds Mr.Walson in the same room as last time.

Mr.Walson: “Ready to have your mind blown?”

Lisonse: “I guess.”

Mr.Walson takes Lisonse down the hall and into an elevator. Once they exit, they walk down another hall with a display.

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Stalker Prince 23

Act1 Scene 23

Mr.Walson: “You’re early. Something up? I thought I heard you talking to someone.”

Lisonse: “Going over tactical stuff.”

Mr.Walson: “Is everything in order?”

Lisonse: “I think so.”

Mr.Walson: “You seem kinda down. Still sad over the little dead simulation girl thing?””

Lisonse: “Kinda.”

Mr.Walson: “Alright. That’s good; I wouldn’t have known how to deal with orphan stuff.”

Lisonse: “You know it’s actually been a while since I’ve thought about them.”