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Medical Sci Fi near future

Walking Time Bomb, Pt 3/3

Down in his stomach lining Johns found one of the bomb's tendril, curled up and then arching over. Something about how it was laying apparently made it difficult for it to absorb sufficient materials to grow very long. Johns slowly removed the tendril, gently scraping some of the whitish material that now lined the stomach wall along the tendril. This was explosive, and though not enough to be a threat to anyone else, it could easily kill him if detonated. If Johns survived, it would eventually be digested and cease to be a threat.

Walking Time Bomb, Pt 2 of 3

As Johns had been on his way to patch up a general down by the AFT (the Afghan Freedom Theater) he was traveling with his full field surgical kit. As a result, Johns lay suspended, looking superficially like a deranged sunbather on an odd white chaise lounge, with the exception of being surrounded by electronic equipment and several mirrors on stands. This position allowed him to cut through the abdominal muscle without it being tensed up, a state of affairs that would have made his task far more difficult.