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short fiction

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Lewis Shiner's Online Offering

Lewis Shiner, one of the original cyberpunk authors, has recently posted his fiction under a Creative Commons license.

In his manifesto, he writes about the death of short fiction magazines and the attendant loss of revenue. Like us, he wonders about the union of short fiction and the 'net.


This is a piece of micro fiction. Enjoy.

by Dustin Driver

“Are you OK?” asks Olhado.


His silhouette dances against the glare of the sun like a reflection in a funhouse mirror. The throbbing in my head is getting worse. I doubt I could stand if asked.

“You don’t look so good,” he replies.

“I’m fine, I’m just hot.”

The Wall - Chapter 1 of "WATER GOT NO ENEMY"

Hey, Oortistes! Here is the first chapter of the book that will eventually become "Water Got No Enemy." I actually got enough feedback on that story from here and others that told me I ought to expand it more. So here's chapter 1. Let me know your thoughts and of course detailed conscious critiques get the biggest cookie!

- Chang