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Shinguuji - Pt. 1

Sakura raced through the bamboo forest towards unidentified cries of distress, heedless of the pain that throbbed in her left side. The steep mountain slope made the climb treacherous as she pulled herself along from oversized stone to oversized stone, hands and feet seeking any available hold. By the gods, she thought, someone besides myself here in the midst of this dense wilderness? Surely, I am thousands of li from any settlement.

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Richard Adler

Richard Adler has an M.S.I. (Archives and Records Management) from the University of Michigan's School of Information and an M.A. in History (medieval Europe) from Harvard.

For ten years he was a book buyer for a major book store chain, with responsibility for subjects such as American history. In the mid-1990s, he was the buyer for Science Fiction and, for six years, nurtured Graphic Novels as a section in its own right.

Rick likes science fantasy, but prefers fantasy to science fiction. ;-)

Paul B. Hartzog