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Hi, I'm new here so I thought I would say hi to everyone. I was introduced to this community through Delicious (which I highly recommend)and I felt that this would be a great opportunity. I enjoy writing fantasy stories and I would love to get feedback from people. Up till now I've been bugging my brother-in-law, the reverendbayn on this site, and while I really like his feedback it would be good to hear from others. Thanks!

Who am I, and why do you care

This barely qualifies as content, I suppose, but I thought I'd introduce myself before I started posting actual fiction. My name, clearly, is Tim Akers. My work has appeared in Chiaroscuro, Electric Velocipede and Interzone. Mostly Interzone. From me you're going to get the kind of fantasy that a science fiction writer might produce, and sometimes you'll get real live science fiction, too. No promises.