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New Space Opera 2: sf stories with sweep

Gardner Dozois and Jonathan Strahan's new anthology The New Space Opera 2 came out today, featuring all original stories by me, John Scalzi, Robert Charles Wilson, Jay Lake, Garth Nix, Bruce Sterling, Elizabeth Moon, Justina Robson and many others. My story, "To Go Boldly," is a look at the LARPing ethic that lurks under the skin of any space navy.

Boing Boing:

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The Truthsayer's Apprentice

I recently read the Tor book "The Truthsayer's Apprentice" by fellow Oort-Cloud member Deborah Teramis Christian, and it was great (and I'm very picky).

Things in particular that I like:

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Free Books From Tor

Once you register, you’ll receive our newsletter and a link to download a digital book, as well as free wallpapers from bestselling and award-winning SF and fantasy authors and artists. And you’ll receive a link to another new book, and new wallpapers, every week.

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Jeff VanderMeer Free Book

If you aren’t familiar with the work of award-winning writer Jeff VanderMeer, now is your chance to see what the fuss is about. GeekDad is happy to be able to offer Wired readers a PDF copy of VanderMeer’s upcoming book The Situation, courtesy of PS Publishing (cover artwork by Scott Eagle).

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Discussion: Great writers read as well

So, right now what is everybody reading?

I'm purling through Gravity's Rainbow at the moment, and probably will be for a long time.

Review: The First Five Pages

Title: The First Five Pages
Author: Noah Lukeman
Source: Simon & Schuster, New York, p.207 p.2000
ISBN: 978-0-7432-9093-7 (hardcover)