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Thomas Rengstorff - Author of Horror

So, this is my first entry. I'll write more after I finished reviewing edits for my upcoming book which is published by .

The Death - Birth Ritual

Vain? Suicidal?

If you want to stay young and pretty forever and are willing to pay the price you can do just that using the “the death-birth ritual.” The only problem is you will have to die first.

If you want more about me you can find it on:

or at:

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Omnitrex Tech part 14

Link to part 1

Paul followed his towering, acrobatically talented and exceedingly fit savior into the building. They must have been about five stories above the Expanse floor. The platform was a bare balcony with a softly flowing rail structure and the entrance to the building was an arch about twelve feet tall at the apex and was paned with a black glass that didn’t hold his reflection. It didn’t reflect anything at all, and the effect tickled the back of Paul’s brain in a fashion most eldritch and unholy.

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Books Worth a Look

Oort-Cloud community,

Thanks to Ron Jerome and his awesome Biblio module, as well as his speedy response time to ongoing development issues, we now have a new open section on Oort-Cloud:

Books Worth a Look

Books Worth a Look is a place to add your favorite books, and most importantly tag them and rate them, and then review them and discuss them on Oort-Cloud.

There is also a "New Books" menu on the right, so you can keep up with new additions.

Try it out, and be sure to report any errors, and give lots of feedback and suggestions for innovative ways to utilize the new archive.

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Discussion: Is "Foundation" No Longer a Classic?

So, I was reading Twenty Years Ago the Classics Were Different by James Wallace Harris, in which he says:

Twenty years ago I wrote an article about the classics of science fiction for the fanzine Lan’s Lantern – and later made the essay into a web site at the Classics of Science Fiction.... The final Classics of Science Fiction list wasn’t selected by me, but was assembled from the most frequently recommended books from 28 best-of lists and other sources dating back to the 1950s. Of the 193 books on the list, I’m not sure how many I would personally recommend today.