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Immortal Vampire

Immortal Vampire
A Preview from Chapter 6.

The Birth of Lucian Dracul

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Using Versioning

Just a quick post to let people know that "versioning" is included on the bottom of your posts if you want to use it. (Alternately, you can use titles or tags).

All you have to do is click "Publishing Options" and then check "Create new revision" before you submit your post. Afterwards, you will be able to see all the versions of that particular post.

I will add this to our HowTo docs and post another announcement.


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Tags and Titles

I have noticed some interesting trends (and the potential for more) emerging here on Here is a brief rundown.

First, there is the use of various "fiction" tags, regarding which a "nonfiction" tag would be equally useful.

Second, I have seen someone post something that is a discussion item with a title that begins "Discussion: " and the tag "discussion". Similarly, one might post a review with a title of "Review: " and the tag "review", or "Fiction: " and "fiction".

This a useful idea for a number of reasons:


1) Make sure you’re logged in.

2) Click on ‘Create content.’ It's in the left-hand column, with the links listed under your username.

3) Click on ‘Blog entry.’

4) Now you should see a form called ‘Submit Blog entry.’

-- Type in a ‘Title.’

-- Type (or cut-and-paste) your post into ‘Body.’

-- Add ‘Tags’ that will help people understand what your post is about.