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Strings 3

...continued from 'Strings 2'...

'I shall begin this experiment at (here Langar checked his watch) precisely two thirty in the afternoon on the twelfth of March, two thousand and eighteen.'

'Must you be so pedantic,' Tristan scolded. He was hooking Roslyn up with wires to monitor her heart rate.

Strings 2

...continued from 'Strings 1'...

Dr. Langar ran his hands through his greying hair. He checked his watch.

'Once Tristan's here we can begin,' he said. 'Paul, you can bring the machine.'

Strings 1

The duck was not co-operating; she refused to wear her shoes.

The duck was the darling of the quantum engineering lab. Her name was Roslyn and she had come to acquire the acerbic, mercenary personality of the lab's professors and technicians. She was currently displaying this personality by biting, kicking and flapping her wings violently against Paul's attempts at fitting her with a pair of red web-shaped rubber shoes.