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Superhero / Science Fiction / Action

Break to Bind: Tape 1

Schardt, Wernher A.

A gray Sony mini-cassette is tucked inside a smoky plastic case. A hand-written gum label is affixed to the case. Subject: Schardt, Wernher A. Beneath the cassette case, a stack of bond paper, slightly brown with age. The top and bottom margins appear to have been trimmed, so that the pages are 8 ½ by something less than 11. The type is bold and distinct, IBM Selectric.

By Force of iron

Futura City's superhero elite group, The Centurians, meet a challenge in the form of The Iron Golem; Is he their ally or the most dangerous opponent they've ever faced?

By Force of Iron

Adrian Kleinbergen

I: Temptation and Fall

It was a perfect night.

Thunder boomed and rolled across a purple sky laced with broad strokes of lightning. Rain, lashed and driven by stormy gusts filled in the pauses between the rafter rattling claps and the mournful shrieks of the rising winds.
The man looked up and thought again,
" A perfect night."