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Books Worth a Look

Oort-Cloud community,

Thanks to Ron Jerome and his awesome Biblio module, as well as his speedy response time to ongoing development issues, we now have a new open section on Oort-Cloud:

Books Worth a Look

Books Worth a Look is a place to add your favorite books, and most importantly tag them and rate them, and then review them and discuss them on Oort-Cloud.

There is also a "New Books" menu on the right, so you can keep up with new additions.

Try it out, and be sure to report any errors, and give lots of feedback and suggestions for innovative ways to utilize the new archive.

Book reviews?

I am thinking of posting a couple book reviews of books which I have found immensely useful for writing here. Do you folks think it would be helpful at all?
Lemme know.

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URLs in Bibliography Entries

Cory Doctorow's "Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom" (which I just added to the Oort-Cloud Bibliography), is a good example of the utility of the "URL" field in bibliography entries.

In this case, it links over to the online location of the work.