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Extremely Bad Luck

My first ever Oort-Cloud post and my first short story. Your feedback would be GREATLY appreciated!

Small green birds sat on the branch outside my window. They are completely still. The wind gently ruffles their feathers as they sit and stare. If I were a more paranoid man, I would say they are staring at me. But I'm not and they weren't. They were staring at the cat sitting underneath the tree licking his testicles.



“A ship! A ship!” cried Joseph. It was centuries ago since “Love Island” had been on TV but the news of a ship returning to the solar system always excited him.

“Do we know which one this is?” asked Saffron.

“Early signs are that it is the Fireheart. It left us in 2056 on a voyage to Canus 6. If they were successful they would have been exploring that system for a couple of years. Their crew would have aged 26 years over the total of their journey”

Skullhack 7

SkullHack 7
by alphaborie

Link:Part 1 | Link:Part 2 | Link:Part 3 | Link:Part 4 | Link:Part 5 | Link:Part 6

“Hello Philly, this is Neve16. I’m vid feeding from 13th street where something strange is going down. I’m not sure how to explain it, like, you’ll just have to see for yourself.”

The shaky image panned away from the face and came to rest on a man. There is something shocking and unnatural in the way he moves; the floating, billowing waves that undulate around his form with each step taken, as if the force of the ground upon the soles of his feet are sending tremors through his body. It almost looks like each tiny cell wants to fly off in its own direction, but something holds them back. A crowd of onlookers are gathered on the side of the street, all filming and talking feverishly into headsets.

Skullhack Part 3

Skullhack part 3
By R.B. Clements

Philadelphia, 2065

Detective Orleans of the PPD cursed. Not to himself. Not under his breath, but loudly, so everyone could clearly hear what he was saying. There were times when no other words will come, and this was definitely one of them.


Dawning Obsolete?

*/Introduction: hi, this is a story I wrote today. I am new to writing, so I would appreciate any comments or suggestions. This short-short-story is a quick little dream I had about a million years hence. One possible future. I have done much reading about the singularity and other such stuff, which has some influence on this piece. Thanks! -R. B. Clements/*

Infinite Iteration
By R.B. Clements

3Science 2Punk 1Pop

Found and archived upon an expedition through old Silicon Valley.
103 years old.
Description: A scientist’s personal project: to archive the cyber perspectives of himself(64), son(21) and daughter(31).

Contents revealed:

The Cyber-Scientist Story
Rumbling from its roots, the tree accepted the new season. ‘Task’ delivered: its last few leaves fall into the precisely statistical wind. The dirt was too uniform for any other life form to take shape, except for this tree. This tree built for this dirt.