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love story

A night to remember

When does tomorrow begin?

Officially it is after midnight but we all know the day isn't over then. The way I figure it, the day isn't over until the sky begins to lighten. I'm not talking about dawn but, rather, the ever so faint lessening of the coal blackness turning into an inky-blueness that marks an unstoppable increase in brightness towards dawn. If you wait until the sun rises, it'll all be over.

They said I had until tomorrow.

Greater than the sum - Chapter one of my NaNoWriMo entry this year

“Explain this agency, how may we help you?”
“It’s THE Explain this agency, Carla!” said Simon Banks, the agency’s owner but Carla wasn’t listening to him. Once again her eyes rolled upwards as she started to type furiously.
Simon sat down at his screen to see what was coming in. This time it was his turn to roll his eyes. Yet another member of the Great British Public had failed to ‘get’ the point of his investigation agency.

Strings 2

...continued from 'Strings 1'...

Dr. Langar ran his hands through his greying hair. He checked his watch.

'Once Tristan's here we can begin,' he said. 'Paul, you can bring the machine.'

About 'Strings'

"Strings" is an attempt to write a science fiction love story with reference to quantum physics and string theory. I know very little about quantum physics and string theory, and possibly less about love; this story will hopefully serve as a vehicle for me to explore all three themes in greater depth.

Strings 1

The duck was not co-operating; she refused to wear her shoes.

The duck was the darling of the quantum engineering lab. Her name was Roslyn and she had come to acquire the acerbic, mercenary personality of the lab's professors and technicians. She was currently displaying this personality by biting, kicking and flapping her wings violently against Paul's attempts at fitting her with a pair of red web-shaped rubber shoes.