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100 Light Years At All Times

By this point, we already had each other’s time zones and calendars memorized. It’s roughly 14:45 in Yel’s time, giving us an hour or so of “alone time” before her afternoon classes. Her webcam was usually the high point of my day and I’d joked about having a flexible girlfriend more than a few times.

The rest of the time was spent messaging. Admittedly, it was high volume and low content, and I’d rather not imagine what the phone and internet costs would be without the cultural diversification deductions. Still, distance never stops being a factor.

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Aang can stay ASIAN and still SAVE THE WORLD

Viacom uses copyright to censor racism protest

Madeline sez, "To protest the casting of white actors in Asian and Inuit roles for the live-action production of 'The Last Airbender,' (based on the animated series 'Avatar: The Last Airbender,' which features primarily Asian iconography, calligraphy, and fight choreography), fan Glockgal began making t-shirts that read 'This is not a tan' and "Aang can stay Asian and still save the world.' Viacom, one of the companies which owns a license for the series, has ordered to take down her storefront.

Jerry Pournelle on copyright and publishing

As part of our ongoing discussion about the future of science fiction, copyright, and the publishing industry, here's a recent column by Jerry Pournelle, offering his take. He makes many points, but this one stood out for me:

Book publishing has always had a low return on investment, and has always depended on editorial people who love their work and are willing to start at ridiculously low pay and live five to an apartment on a fourth-floor walkup despite having a cum laude degree from an expensive college just so they can be part of the publishing world.

Privacy Issues

Hey, all!

Firstly I am really psyched about the oort--cloud scene. I cannot wait to share my stories with you.


I am concerned about putting the story right up on a blog for all too
see and also on Google Docs, too. I know, I know, privacy concerns are
for luddites. It's just when I get concerned about privacy, my fingers
sweat and then the sweat puts out the pilot light on my kerosene
laptop. You understand, I'm sure.

Paul and Richard encouraged me to post about it, so here I am. What are everyone elses thoughts?

- Chang

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When you post a work of fiction here on Oort-Cloud, you should carefully consider your options for copyleft/copyright.

Oort-Cloud exists primarily for the posting of copyleft-ish works, i.e. works that are "open." This is not to say that you cannot post works that are copyrighted. Just be aware that copyright runs counter to the mission of Oort-Cloud which is to promote openness both in distribution and in content. (See the various pages tagged openlit for more details).

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Cory Doctorow Is Giving It Away

Cory Doctorow Is Giving It Away:

"I've been giving away my books ever since my first novel came out, and boy has it ever made me a bunch of money."

-- Cory Doctorow

Eric Flint on science fiction and electronic publishing

We plan to make a serious contribution to the debate about the future of science fiction and electronic publishing, but we aren’t the first to consider what may lie ahead, and we want to give credit to those who have already weighed in on some of the issues.

Eric Flint wrote a series of thought-provoking columns while he was the editor of Jim Baen’s Universe, and they shed light on at least one publisher’s perspective on electronic publishing, copyright, fair use, and digital rights management.