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near future

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Rainbows End


Vinge, V.


Tor, New York, p.364 (2006)





Repaired Alzheimer patient Robert Gu is given a second chance at life in a near future San Diego. Computers are everywhere, including clothes, and the landscape teems with mediated visions overlaying reality. It is a world where Homeland Security pervades everything in its Red Queen's race to prevent mass death technology from ending the world.

Under this sky

Not many people liked Peter Norfolk. That was probably because their first impressions always involved signing a legal waiver, authorizing their already recorded images to be uploaded to the net for everyone to see. And that was a bit too scary for a first impression.

The Empty Voyage, Pt 1 of 2

When he began the journey, all those months ago, he had been lead to believe it was some kind of reality TV-type arrangement. At a post office box in Nice he received an electronic map, keys to a yaught, and be provided with practically anything he might need from a provisions standpoint. He was to follow the routes on the map which would periodically reveal a new destination, and so he would sail from place to place throughout the Mediterranean.

Fourth Wall

“Why a dragon?”

Ted waited while Stan disengaged himself from a pack of (Ted guessed) major stockholders. They seemed to have the requisite combination of interest and ignorance that, in Ted’s experience, marked those who had money invested in a project, but not much skin.

New Moon over Gansu, 2029

Ning was watching his sister, Man-yi dance in her lilting steps among the fireflies, spread like stars over the autumnally dry fields. Her youth was still untouched by the rising conflict. She was young enough to be able to play at being a soldier without the danger of real conscription. The wounded arm still pained him, but in the deep still of the rural night, he was able to forget the horrors behind the gash. He knew how lucky he was.

Mankind 2.0

The Official Guard announced his arrival and stood aside in attention. The room fell silent as the Ambassador Adam slid through the door into the President’s conference room.

“Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen” purred the tall, thin andy’s voice accompanied with a handsome smiling face in the head display. President Singh stepped forward and bowed to the android. “Welcome Ambassador Adam, we are pleased to have the Twomen among us once again. Does the andy satisfy your requirements?”

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Before and After the Singularity

So, what do folks think about the Vinge Singularity?


Does it really signify a stopping point for SF, or will we just have to get through it and see what happens?