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Post-Scarcity, Anyone? Anyone?

How soon til we hit the post-scarcity future? What will it take to make money obsolete? Is such a concept really possible with domesticated primates?

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Trex World, Part 28

Part 28
Link to part 1

Paul was putting in multiple “Requests for Break-time” e-forms as fast as he could hit the submit button. No responses from his super, but no indicator on the messenger profile that he was away, either. And no easy way out of his cube, not now. When he had met with Noel, the chair responded to his trex file and indexed it with the time he was supposed to be at work. This would only happen again when it was time to quit his shift. Until then, getting out of your seat was a matter for your supervisor to consider.

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da bawm, pt 1: SEED

Oh, this hallowed ground.
Be merciful and let us once again expand upon thee.
In Ludd's Name, amen.

Sometimes it's dangerous carrying analogies too far. Such was the case for the creators of the Hawking Bomb. Their screams still echo in the midnight halls of yesterday's dreams. Damn them to hell for unleashing such nightmares.

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Before and After the Singularity

So, what do folks think about the Vinge Singularity?


Does it really signify a stopping point for SF, or will we just have to get through it and see what happens?