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corporate negligence

Machine of Death Entry, "Corporate Negligence" Release Candidate 1

This version is essentially the final draft/complete version. Everything's there, although I'm not 100% happy with the tacked on ending. I think it needs to be there, but it's not 100% where I want it to be. Something about implementing new plot-points at the last second. Figures, right? At any rate, I've certainly learned a great deal about writing seriously through this iterative process. I've got a few more MoD ideas that I'm going to be working on as time passes, and I'll hit them with this same process.

As always, feedback is appreciated.


Machine of Death Entry, "Corporate Negligence" v. 0.3

v. 0.1 Initial draft release. A basic exposition of the core featureset of the story, released on Oort-Cloud only for early "alpha" phase feedback.

v. 0.2 Removed the "Syphilis" gag. Too slapstick and not dramatic enough. Replaced it with an allusion, relying on the reader's imagination to create the the most humiliating possible death.

v. 0.3 Expanded on the fiscal problems with the company. This will serve as foreshadowing for un-implemented plot points. Current word count ≈ 1,622.


Machine of Death Entry, "Corporate Negligence" v. 0.1

I'm going to take a crack at the iterative/interactive writing model. I'm working on several stories for the Machine of Death project, which is my first actual attempt at writing fiction for publication. I've had the occasional technical article show up in some places like NewsForge. As you might imagine, I'm have some trepidation about it. Since I'm already concerned about that particular experiment, I see no reason to not expand this to incorporating this into another experiment- namely, Oort-Cloud.