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Synthetic Death

“Shortly before 2:30 p.m. local time, as President Kegin walked towards his waiting car, a female Synthetic Humanoid, model 280 emerged from the crowd of admirers and fired a Röhm RG-14 .22 cal. blue steel revolver six times in three seconds.
The first bullet hit Secretary Jenson in the head. The second hit police officer Vomez Delahan in the back. A third overshot the president and hit the window of a building across the street. The fourth hit a Secret Service agent in the abdomen. The fifth hit the bullet-proof glass of the window on the open side door of the president's limousine and the final sixth bullet ricocheted off the side of the limousine and hit the president under his left arm, grazing a rib and lodging in his lung, near his heart.
The Vice President is expected to make a public address this Thursday night regarding the extent of President Kegin’s injuries.”
“Wow, Jim. That is truly horrifying. I own a 280.”
“Yes Cynthia, that is. Let’s check out the weather for tomorrow, Gail?”


I found this basic idea suggested on, but sadly there don't seem to be very many people using that site, so I'm porting the idea over to here, to see if we can collaborate here more easily.

The idea that I worked from was posted at glypho by deucalion.

To summarize here, his idea is a story about life on a planet where one hemisphere is constantly towards the sun as it orbits, and the other hemisphere is turned away.

I took up the challenge and wrote a chapter based on the original idea, which I'll post as a child of this page. Perhaps others would like to contribute subsequent chapters, or suggest a different first chapter? Please indicate the chapter number in your title, so I can see if you're suggesting an alternate direction for the story based on this central idea, or contributing to the story line I've started.

aN inSpiring discOvery

Just want to say I'm excited. Not everyday one discovers such an inspiring site! I'm willing to read, comment and who knows.. maybe even write, then share, read and respond!


New Moon over Gansu, 2029

Ning was watching his sister, Man-yi dance in her lilting steps among the fireflies, spread like stars over the autumnally dry fields. Her youth was still untouched by the rising conflict. She was young enough to be able to play at being a soldier without the danger of real conscription. The wounded arm still pained him, but in the deep still of the rural night, he was able to forget the horrors behind the gash. He knew how lucky he was.

3Science 2Punk 1Pop

Found and archived upon an expedition through old Silicon Valley.
103 years old.
Description: A scientist’s personal project: to archive the cyber perspectives of himself(64), son(21) and daughter(31).

Contents revealed:

The Cyber-Scientist Story
Rumbling from its roots, the tree accepted the new season. ‘Task’ delivered: its last few leaves fall into the precisely statistical wind. The dirt was too uniform for any other life form to take shape, except for this tree. This tree built for this dirt.

Permanent Serendipity

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God
Romans 8:28

The Church of Logitech was an enormous building, built of huge stone blocks with buttresses plunging great depths into the water on all sides. Antony stood in his dirty suit at the end of the bridge, with his hand on the door. The huge dark oak doors were closed, but there was a smaller entrance cut out of the right hand door that was open. Even knowing that it'd been built with some of his money, it was hard not to be intimidated. He breathed deeply, summoned up his outrage, and pushed on the door.