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The Empire of the Other

Well, as they say, turnabout is fair play, so, since Teramis has recently been inspired by me, then it's my turn to be inspired by her post:

What I hate about galactic empires

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Galactic Empires

A group for stories and discussion about galactic empires

I like galactic empires. I like to talk about them, write about them, and read about them. Do you?

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Discussion - Is FTL necessary?

Is it possible to hold a galactic empire together without faster-than-light travel (including portals, teleportation, etc.)?

Trojan Horse pt 4

Well, this is everything I've got, so far, so it might be a couple days before the next part of the story gets posted. Let me know what y'all think.

Trojan Horse pt 3

The third part of Trojan Horse. I've got one more segment after this, after which it's time to finish the story I suppose. Hope you enjoy it :)

As always, criticism welcome, nay, encouraged.

Trojan Horse pt 2

The second part of Trojan Horse.

Trojan Horse pt 1

The first part of a story I've been working on for a bit. There's more of course, but I don't want to dump it all at once. I'll try and post a new segment every day or so.

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