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Stalker Prince 41

Act 2 Scene 15

Lisonse is snooping around in the Recycling Center.

Lisonse: “Bag”

Sim: “Fair enough. There’s a burlap sack.”

Lisonse: “Awesome”

Lisonse begins to grab everything and put it in the sack. He checks the cell phones for batteries and pulls the batteries out before putting them inside. Lisonse then exits and proceeds to climb the building. Halfway up, a window opens.

Child 1: “Santa Claus?”

Lisonse: “Not exactly.”

Child 1 closes the window.

Child 1: “Burglar?”

Lisonse: “No. I’m not a burglar.”

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Stalker Prince 25

Act 1 Scene 25

Lisonse looks at the display.

Lisonse: “Looks like a costume.”

Mr.Walson: “Well, that’s because it is, but the important thing is it represents a revolution of revolutions. Forget drone hacking and forget AI’s.”

Lisonse: “How?”

Mr.Walson: “Simple. Move around physics.”

Lisonse: “That seems even more complicated.”

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Stalker Prince 19

Act 1 Scene 19

Mr.Walson, Santi, and Lisonse get into the car. Mr.Walson hands them the inhibitors.

Mr.Walson: “Sorry.”

Santi and Lisonse put them on and pass out. The two youths wake as the car arrives at the facility. Once inside, the two are joined by the other seven youths in the front room.

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Stalker Prince 7

Act 1 Scene 7

Mr. Walson gives a tour of the facility. Beyond the lounge is a long hallway with several locked reinforced doors. Mr. Walson shows them a gym connected to a padded room.

Mr. Walson: "You'll be spending plenty of time here. A full person carries himself. But let's start off with a workout."

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Stalker Prince 4

Act 1 Scene4

Mr. Walson is at the front desk when Lisonse arrives.

Mr. Walson: “Glad to see you’re taking an interest in becoming a well rounded person.”

Lisonse: “I just said I’d check it out.”

Mr. Walson: “That’s alright. I just figured I’d come to give you a tour.”

Mr. Walson’s car arrives and the two get in.

Mr. Walson: “What do you do for a living, out of curiosity?”

Lisonse: “I’m a delivery boy.”

Mr. Walson: “How’s that going for you?”

Lisonse: “I’m not homeless, but I wish the pay was better.”