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Stalker Prince 42

Act 2 Scene 16

Lisonse unlocks the door to Abberline’s apartment.

Abberline: “What’s with the sack?”

Lisonse: “Borrowed a bunch of stuff from the Recycling Center. I’m going to give it back. Wait.”

Lisonse pulls a wrapper from the sack and starts scribbling stuff.

Sim: “A list of things you’ve stolen?”

Lisonse: “This isn’t working.”

Abberline: “What?”

Lisonse: “Sorry, just thinking out loud.”

Sim: “It does occur that we know pretty much nothing about Mr.Walson.”

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Stalker Prince 19

Act 1 Scene 19

Mr.Walson, Santi, and Lisonse get into the car. Mr.Walson hands them the inhibitors.

Mr.Walson: “Sorry.”

Santi and Lisonse put them on and pass out. The two youths wake as the car arrives at the facility. Once inside, the two are joined by the other seven youths in the front room.

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Stalker Prince 8

Act 1 Scene 8

Lisonse follows his basic routine but before leaving, he logs onto his computer and checks for routes not bordering dead zones. Lisonse looks at the spot where is work bike used to be and clutches at the sky in bizarrely serious pose.

Lisonse: “Why!” in a growling voice.

He then grabs his personal bike and heads out. Lisonse arrives at delivery hub, grabs his packages and leaves. Mr. Chesney says nothing. Lisonse rides around skittishly for the rest of the day, but delivers all the packages and goes home.

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Stalker Prince 7

Act 1 Scene 7

Mr. Walson gives a tour of the facility. Beyond the lounge is a long hallway with several locked reinforced doors. Mr. Walson shows them a gym connected to a padded room.

Mr. Walson: "You'll be spending plenty of time here. A full person carries himself. But let's start off with a workout."

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Stalker Prince2

Act 1 Scene 2

Lisonse leaves the community center on bike. Lisonse is shown riding subway. Once home, he logs on his computer and researches Mr.Walson.

Various minor articles are found. Community center contributions. Opponent of mandatory volunteering program. History in Survey Analysis. Business degree.

Lisonse is shown going to sleep in bed, then awaking at 6:00 AM. The refrigerator is opened. Food is taken out. Teeth are brushed and showers are taken. He grabs his other bike and heads out. Lisonse arrives at delivery hub and taps on staff door. Enter Mr. Chesney.