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Stalker Prince 41

Act 2 Scene 15

Lisonse is snooping around in the Recycling Center.

Lisonse: “Bag”

Sim: “Fair enough. There’s a burlap sack.”

Lisonse: “Awesome”

Lisonse begins to grab everything and put it in the sack. He checks the cell phones for batteries and pulls the batteries out before putting them inside. Lisonse then exits and proceeds to climb the building. Halfway up, a window opens.

Child 1: “Santa Claus?”

Lisonse: “Not exactly.”

Child 1 closes the window.

Child 1: “Burglar?”

Lisonse: “No. I’m not a burglar.”

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Stalker Prince 40

Act 2 Scene 14

Lisonse puts his thumb drive in the computer and load the recording. He cuts most of it out.

Sim: “Going to try and splice his “destruct” and “Unit four, deactivate system”?”

Lisonse nods and plays it. Nothing happens.

Sim: “Doesn’t sound right. Flow or something. Check the HELP thing for pitch.”

Lisonse types away.

Lisonse: “Says a subscription is required.”

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Stalker Prince 39

Act 2 Scene 13

Lisonse jumps from the roof tops, landing relatively softly on the ground.

Waitress 1: “This is my apartment building. It’s not much, but it’s home.”

Lisonse: “It’ll certainly do. Do you have a computer?”

Waitress 1: “Yes, but what do you want it for?”

Lisonse: “It’s complicated. Suffice to say, nothing illegal.”

Wiatress 1: “Alright then… I’m going to get something to eat. Want anything?”

Lisonse: “Sure, I’d…”

Waitress 1: “You alright?”

Lisonse: “Sure. Probably never better.”

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Stalker Prince 38

Act 2 Scene 12

Alpha, Beta, and Gamma begin circling Waitress 1.

Beta: “Yo, baby. That purse’s looking might heavy. Maybe too heavy for you.”

Waitress 1: “You know…”

There’s a thump in the background.

Waitress 1: “You’re not going to get away with this.”

Beta: “Catch phrase of my life. I’m on my eighth strike. Two more and I get switched to a different kind of community service. Guess I’ll have
to make this one semi-special…”

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Stalker Prince 37

Act 2 Scene 11

Sim and Lisonse lay on the roof top.

Lisonse: “Alright, who do we know?”

Sim: “The reporter seemed down with it?”

Lisonse: “I’d rather not.”

Sim: “Mr.Chesney?”

Lisonse: “Mabye.”

Sim: “Mr.Richards is pay roll.”

Lisonse: “Granted, but he might want
revenge or something.”

Sim: “Nope, too cowardly.”

Lisonse: “That’s not very nice.”

Sim turns to Lisonse, then throws up on him. Lisonse twitches as he tries to scrape it off. He closes his eyes and it’s gone.

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Stalker Prince 36

Act 2 Scene 10

Lisonse: “That would’ve been helpful to know.”

Lisonse gets up.

Lisonse: “What now?”

Sim: “I’m sure folks in here have already sent something out alerting the authorities, so first we need to leave. Maybe, make an example out of somebody.”

Lisonse: “I’m not doing that.”

Lisonse goes to walk out but stops at Librarian1. She looks scared.

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Stalker Prince 35

Act 2 Scene 9

Lisonse: “We need to find a public place to snag the file.”

Sim: “Library’s closed. What about the college?”

Lisonse: “Maybe. We need another directory though. I’ve never checked out the one here.”

Lisonse takes to the building tops until he can find another directory. He looks up the local college and disappears again.

Once at the college, Lisonse looks around.

Sim: “Just go in. The stealth stuff’s probably just brainwashing or something. If you’re making me stupid, I’ll take us both down.”

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Stalker Prince 34

Act 2 Scene 8

Lisonse waits for about half an hour.

Lisonse: “Jeez, why are they so slow?”

Sim: “Maybe they’re calling for reinforcements? Maybe they’re alerting The Organization. We might need to kill them and their families just in case.”

Lisone: “It’s unfortunate that you’re the only person I can semi-trust right now.”

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Stalker Prince 33

Act 2 Scene 7

Santi: “Unit 5, activate.”

Santi transforms into a seventh unit.

Lisonse: “We don’t have to do this.”

Santi: “Yeah, we kinda do.”

Lisonse: “We’ve been brainwashed.”

Santi: “Yeah, we know. Knowing’s
kinda part of it.”

Santi punches Lisonse. It doesn’t do much more than push him back a little.

Santi: “Fair enough.”

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Stalker Prince 32

Act 2 Scene 6

Lisonse: “Unit 4 deactivate system”

Nothing happens again.

Lisonse: “Deactivate system, Unit 4.

Unit 4 system off. Unit 4 power down system. Unit 4 system power down.”

Sim: “Looks like we have a problem.”

Lisonse: “It won’t work.”

Lisonse begins to breathe hard and
pace around.

Sim: “That doesn’t help.”

Lisonse: “Shut up!”

Juppin: “I didn’t say anything.”

Lisonse: “I wasn’t talking to you!”

Juppin backs against the wall.