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The Adventures of Guy-Shi

(Author's note: The past eighteen months have been Hell on Earth. The fact that I have finished this piece is a sign that some of my burdens are beginning to ease. The backstory is available in the Eighth Adventure, also posted here in my blog.)

Ninth Adventure

The Adventures of Guy-Shi

(The Rap on what this is all about is at the end of the post.)

Eighth Adventure

The batshit crazy part is that you have to believe in magic swords. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Call me Guy. Guy–Shi, if you want to be more formal. It’s what I am, and it’s what I do. I’m going to try to tell you the story, but sometimes the story might be telling me…

For purposes of this discussion I must posit the existence of the multiverse. N universes, where n is very large, perhaps even infinite. The problem is, this multiverse is unstable. Very unstable. So what to do?