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Exploring the Galaxy in 1 Month

In his book Is There Life on Other Worlds, Poul Anderson makes a point about how long it would take to explore the galaxy. The "isolation" argument is usually used to explain why we have not been visited by extra-terrestrial life, i.e. it would take so long that this can be taken as a reason that we have not encountered any aliens so far (to our knowledge). However, the argument contains a flaw, which is that the exploration, or the growth of knowledge about explored systems, is linear.

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Galactic Empires

A group for stories and discussion about galactic empires

I like galactic empires. I like to talk about them, write about them, and read about them. Do you?

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Discussion - Is FTL necessary?

Is it possible to hold a galactic empire together without faster-than-light travel (including portals, teleportation, etc.)?

Trojan Horse pt 4

Well, this is everything I've got, so far, so it might be a couple days before the next part of the story gets posted. Let me know what y'all think.

Trojan Horse pt 3

The third part of Trojan Horse. I've got one more segment after this, after which it's time to finish the story I suppose. Hope you enjoy it :)

As always, criticism welcome, nay, encouraged.

Idolatry, Episode 1, "Insurance Policy"

By Bryan White
Episode 1

"Insurance Policy"

Trojan Horse pt 2

The second part of Trojan Horse.

Trojan Horse pt 1

The first part of a story I've been working on for a bit. There's more of course, but I don't want to dump it all at once. I'll try and post a new segment every day or so.

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