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Unnamed Novel

This is the tip of a novel I am attempting to write. I'm not sure how many Canadian readers we have here at Oort-Cloud, but if you live in Toronto, the place names will mean something to you.

My aim is to focus more on my characters and on digital rights than on ray guns and spaceships. Feedback appreciated.


-Chapter 1-

It’s three AM or so now, and quiet. I’m listening to the rhythmic scrape of a bent fan blade as it brushes air from somewhere to somewhere. My eyes are closed, light-bruised. My mind makes the room rotate, pushing me into the couch.

Beginning of a cyberpunkish story. Comments?

A kind of strange story I was working on. Just pitting it out there.

A rippling nudibranch, veins sticking out from its fleshy body, tore through the streets of Manhattan, engulfing citizens as it went. The 10-foot beast left a trail of slime going all the way back to the Donald Iverson Center for Kineostatic Studies, or DICKS for short. Scientists from DICKS were running all over the streets, crying out that 'Frankie' had escaped.