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science fiction

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Under Pressure

Alrighty, my first short story for the oort-cloud. Share and enjoy and let me know what it's missing, peas & queues.


The compressor growled louder and louder. Maximum pressure was at hand and soon the eardrum torture would finish. Life would resume normality. The process of filling the three go-tanks took only about two minutes, but the last thirty seconds was the longest as the turbo machinery struggled to pump more air at pressures just under liquefaction levels into the relatively small containers.

Water Got No Enemy

Hey, all. This is a story I've actually got out there making the rounds at various mags. Hope you like it. I prefer unsweetened, clear and definitive feedback. Stuff like "s'okay" or "I didn't like it" without further explanation don't help me grow as a writer. Neither does negativity. I look forward to your input and contributions - Chang

Machine of Death Entry, "Corporate Negligence" v. 0.1

I'm going to take a crack at the iterative/interactive writing model. I'm working on several stories for the Machine of Death project, which is my first actual attempt at writing fiction for publication. I've had the occasional technical article show up in some places like NewsForge. As you might imagine, I'm have some trepidation about it. Since I'm already concerned about that particular experiment, I see no reason to not expand this to incorporating this into another experiment- namely, Oort-Cloud.

What Happens

So my first real attempt at a Science Fiction story. If nothing else, I had a lot of fun writing it!

"What Happens?"

Death of a Management Consultant

This is another very old one, pulled from the archives of 1999. Still, it really could do with a polish in some areas, but I have a real soft spot for it:

It is odd what the mind notices when it is trying to forget a hangover. The bed being full of blood, for instance.

SFWA on Writing

The SFWA (Science Fiction Writers of America) has a great resource page of articles on writing, focused on writing Science Fiction. These articles are well categorized and range from advice to beginners to suggestions on restarting a once-great career.

I highly recommend that everyone commenting here on Oort-Cloud read the articles on Critiquing, at a minimum. This stuff is pure gold!


Flight By Bsonk

“So, what did you call me over here for?”
“I’ve done it! Finally It’s finished!” He was a tall man, with childlike energy, who bounced all over the room with his exuberance. He wore threadbare clothes, with thick glasses and a white coat, and he had a cap over his disheveled hair. He was the picture of a garage mad scientist, and we were in his lair.


Final Draft Page 1

Judas Escariotte lay broken on the floor of the cell. A slender beam of light coming in through a tiny window illuminated his beaten body. His long, black wings were broken in twenty places, the nerve endings frayed, pain saturating his system. Judas breathed raggedly, slowly, painfully. He saw a familiar figure standing outside.
“Kaliel?... “ he breathed. “Why?...”
* * * * * * * * * * * *
“Judas, please tell me. Why did you make this deal?”

Purify (intergalactic archeology)

Purify - a couple of chapters - can you relate to/get to like these people?

Chpt1 - Early

“We’re Early!”

“Impossible,” said Danno, the captain of the String Slider Tony Robinson. “We can not to travel to times in Earth’s past and this planet had only just shown up as having nuked itself into oblivion.”

“Sorry,” first officer and pilot, Lisa said, “but we’re still early.”

“I’ll put us behind the major moon and then I’ll work out just how early we are.”


A short, unfinised story. My first attempt at writing, i think my language might be a little too verbose...