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1) Make sure you’re logged in.

2) Click on ‘Create content.’ It's in the left-hand column, with the links listed under your username.

3) Click on ‘Blog entry.’

4) Now you should see a form called ‘Submit Blog entry.’

-- Type in a ‘Title.’

-- Type (or cut-and-paste) your post into ‘Body.’

-- Add ‘Tags’ that will help people understand what your post is about.

The most commonly used tags are in the right-hand column under ‘Oort Tag Cloud.’ Just type in the tags you want, separating each of them with a comma. If you need a tag that's not listed, just type it in and it will be created automatically.

(see also a technical note on tagging)

Below the ‘Body’ window, is a list of html tags you can use to make your post look better. (These tags are different from the kind described above.) If you’re new to html, click on the link called ‘More information about formatting options’ for the basics of using html tags.

WARNING: If you’ve already typed something into the ‘Body’ window, you may lose it if you go to the ‘formatting options’ page. So make sure you have whatever you've typed saved somewhere else first.

5) When you’re done, click on the ‘Preview’ button. This takes you to a page that shows what your post will look like on the front page, followed by your entire post in full. Below that are the ‘Title,’ ‘Tag,’ and ‘Body’ windows again, in case you need to make any changes.

6) If everything looks fine, click the ‘Submit’ button.

7) And you’re done!

One more thing: When you make a post, only the first few lines will show up on the front page. Try to make them as interesting as you can, so people will want to 'read more.'

What's a guaranteed way to do that? Let us know when you find out. Until then, keep writing!