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Purify - Chapter 14 Saving Guger

The time keepers obeyed captain Danno’s request and, via some more purple gymnastics, returned the Tony Robinson to Guger.

“An immediate scan shows that we are still in time. Tony lock your attention on the continents and their missile silos,” commanded Danno.

All they could do now was wait. Waiting until a planet commits planecide when you are the only people there to stop it is a bit like playing the role of some cosmic super Samaritan. Only with more powers to intervene before the duffing-up.

They set up a shift system so that someone was always ‘on watch’ and could wake the others if it should all start to go off.

Before the day was up, it did go off. Danno was on watch and he managed to wake everyone including the dog to watch the spectacle through the main viewing screen cum window.

It was quite a sight to behold. One by one initially and then a whole plethora of missiles swarmed into the space above Guger and one by one they were each plucked from their trajectories and parked next to the two space craft. Danno felt uncomfortable having such an enormous amount of firepower sat so close to his ship and so he commanded Tony (and persuaded Eric) to move the missiles to a deserted area of the moon. ‘Move to’ was, of course, a euphemism for send hurtling into detonation oblivion upon landing on this area.

Everyone stared in amazement as the missile barrage stopped, almost a quickly as it had started.

“Is that it then?” asked Carrie adding, “Did we get them all?” knowing that missing just one meant plenty of destruction of lives on Guger.

“Every single one is accounted for, apart from those they were not able to fire for operational reasons,” replied Tony, “we are going to have to close up the dig and maybe return another time to see if we can uncover more about these fascinating Gugerians and their culture.”

“OK, Now we wait to see what happens when the time echoes converge back onto these co-ordinates of space time.

The purple people alerted the crew to look at the regions around the devastated corner of the moon to which they had directed the missiles. There was a small tornado of purple swirling punctuated by occasional flashes of purple lightning.

“Is that it?” asked Carrie, again, “I’d love to go back to the planet now and see what they are saying. Do you think that they will make more bombs and launch them?”

“I doubt it,” said Lisa, “I don’t know what they are thinking but I imagine they might be shocked in realising what a close shave they just had.”

“And there will be no more repercussions other than the purple lightning thing?” asked Tibor.

“I reckon not,” said Danno. “You see, the universe got its nuclear flashes – visible across the Galaxy but it didn’t notice that they came from the moon and not from the planet. That purple lightning storm was just a bit of tidying up.”

“So we have saved Guger but what about the cure – can we just go and collect the debris from the moon? – Will it have the same curative effect on our folk back on Earth?” asked Tibor.

“I have no idea. The only way to find out would be to collect it and take it back to Earth and see,” replied Danno.

“Let us know how you get on with that,” said Ken, “but, since we are wanted by Time Control back on the mother Planet, I’m sure that you will understand that we won’t be joining you.”

“Why not? We have a way of collecting our materials for the cure without having to let these planets commit planecide,” Danno pointed out.

“Only if it works,” said Den, “And if it doesn’t then we will both be back to square one, where you’ll be chasing the death of other peoples, we’ll be trying to stop you again and the purplely ones will be out there trying to stop us both from destroying the very fabric of space-time,” pointed out Ben, depressingly.

“But if this stuff still has the magical properties it needs for the cure then we can both be on the same side,” said Tibor.

“There is only one way to find out and we would like you guys to come back with us while we do but I understand why you might be reluctant to. So, where will you be if it is good news?” asked Danno.

“We have a contact on Earth – we’ll know if the debris works or not – and if it does we’ll be in touch,” said Ken, “c’mon kids, lets get back to the Eric Laithwaite. I bet he has missed us.”

And so Ken Ben and Den jaunted back to their stolen ship and sting-slid out of sight. Danno and Lisa took the collector section of the slider down to the surface of the nuclear ravaged moon and took care of collecting the nuclear weapon’s fission fragment contaminated rocks. The purple people returned to their mute observations. Whatever they were thinking about the saving of Guger they were keeping it to themselves.

When Danno and Lisa returned to the Tony Robinson, Tibor had some news. Carrie had jaunted to Guger again. The chance to observe a planet saved from planecide by apparent divine intervention was too good an opportunity to miss. She had told Tibor that she would be back before the captain could notice. But the purify mission had taken less time than planned on account of it just being barren rock that got nuked instead of buildings and people so they had returned before she had. Danno was confident that she would be OK but annoyed that they needn’t have hurried their collection to try to set of back to Earth sooner. Purify missions have no set time limit but, with their little diversion to Lyral six they were already later than most missions in returning to Earth. Danno was worried that the incident the night before might have caused Carie to desert and was about to put a search party (Lisa) together to go and get her when she jaunted back.

“Now that you have had your fun, do you mind if we head back to Earth now?” Danno asked sarcastically.

“You wouldn’t believe what it is like down there,” said Carrie, “just before we left there had been a robbery of a most bizarre nature. It seems that the Crown Jewels of Stratford were stolen while they were on a building-bridges tour of Ilford – or was it the other way round – it doesn’t matter. The way that the jewels were stolen was the strangest thing. It was all over the video news channels. They used a dog!”

“A dog stole the crown jewels!” exclaimed Lisa, “that’s amazing!”

“No,” said Carrie, “the dog was a distraction. The jewels themselves just disappeared. They have it all on film. One minute the jewels are there and the next they levitated and then – poof – they were gone. It was almost as if they were wearing an invisibility cloak but we have checked and they don’t have that level of technology. But, of course, there was an invisibility cloak in the area at the time.”

“Are you saying someone ‘borrowed’ my invisibility cloak, did the robbery and got the cloak back to my room while I was asleep?” asked Lisa, who was by now, mining new depths of acting ability to feign intense incredulousness.

“No. I think what she is saying,” said Danno, “is that she thinks you stole them using your chameleon coat and that dog there,” he added; pointing at Rex.

“No way!” protested Lisa, “do you realise what you are saying – to your pilot,” she added menacingly. “No, I did not steal the bloody crown jewels,” she finished and then went off in a huff to her cabin to try to figure out how to hide a set of the Crown Jewels onboard a String Slider ship equipped with a full suite of cameras.”

“She’s got them alright,” said Danno, “she’s never stormed off from the heat of an argument before so, for, sure, there is more to this tale than we shall probably ever know. Meanwhile, Tony, perform a ship wide self scan for any unusual concentrations of heavy metals where you would not expect to find Gold. And get us on the return slide to Earth.