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In what order would you like to see these features implemented?

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Recommender System
26% (104)
22% (88)
22% (87)
Recent Changes
20% (79)
11% (44)
Total votes: 42

I'm not really sure what you

I'm not really sure what you mean by a recommender system, and I'm not sure what a WYSIWYG Editor is. I would like a system that'd let me keep track of authors I like or keep a list of favorite works, though.

Well, a WYSIWYG editor is

Well, a WYSIWYG editor is basically a more advanced text editor than a simple form box. I am unsure as to what the recommender system or Groups system would be as well.

Groups, Reccomending

Groups, if I understand correctly, would be "sub-sites" of the Oort-Cloud, allowing us to organize our works and make it easier to find certain types of work we're interested in. A recommender system would be a tool for promoting interesting works you find in the Oort-Cloud.

It's going to get real noisy in here real quick, and I think organizational tools are a huge need.


Not Responsible

Yes some sort of wiki table

Yes some sort of wiki table of contents based off of tags?