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Stalker Prince 42

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Act 2 Scene 16

Lisonse unlocks the door to Abberline’s apartment.

Abberline: “What’s with the sack?”

Lisonse: “Borrowed a bunch of stuff from the Recycling Center. I’m going to give it back. Wait.”

Lisonse pulls a wrapper from the sack and starts scribbling stuff.

Sim: “A list of things you’ve stolen?”

Lisonse: “This isn’t working.”

Abberline: “What?”

Lisonse: “Sorry, just thinking out loud.”

Sim: “It does occur that we know pretty much nothing about Mr.Walson.”

Lisonse: “Suppose we were to tail him. He’d be bound to talk enough to give us a good vocab, right? If that doesn’t work, there’s prank calling.”

Sim: “Or torture.”

Lisonse lays down and remains still for several minutes.

Lisonse: “I can’t sleep.”

Sim: “Yeah… I know.”

Lisonse: “No, I mean I can’t even sleep. I think I’m going crazy from hunger and sleep deprivation.”

Sim: “Going?”

Lisonse: “I feel heavy… and I don’t think this is going to work. The phones would have to be close by.”

Sim: “Let’s walk.”

Lisonse leaves and begins moving from rooftop to rooftop.

Sim: “Dial him up.”

Lisonse calls Mr.Walson.

Mr.Walson: “Who is this?”

Lisonse looks at Sim. She shrugs her shoulders.

Lisonse: “Is your refrigerator running?”