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Stalker Prince 41

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Act 2 Scene 15

Lisonse is snooping around in the Recycling Center.

Lisonse: “Bag”

Sim: “Fair enough. There’s a burlap sack.”

Lisonse: “Awesome”

Lisonse begins to grab everything and put it in the sack. He checks the cell phones for batteries and pulls the batteries out before putting them inside. Lisonse then exits and proceeds to climb the building. Halfway up, a window opens.

Child 1: “Santa Claus?”

Lisonse: “Not exactly.”

Child 1 closes the window.

Child 1: “Burglar?”

Lisonse: “No. I’m not a burglar.”

Child 1: “The only people who have sacks are Santa Claus and burglars. You don’t look like Santa Claus.”

Child pulls out a cell phone.

Lisonse: “Okay. I’m Santa Claus. Just don’t call the cops.”

Child 1: “Santa gives gifts.”

Lisonse pulls out a toy.

Child 1: “Why do you look different?”

Lisonse: “Well, you know how it is. Figured I’d got modernize the outfit.”

Child 1: “You look like a super hero, Santa.”

Lisonse: “Really?! That’s great.”

Child 1: “That’s bad, Santa. Mom said they died all the time and they couldn’t have kids. Can I get my mom in here?”

Lisonse: “I’d rather you didn’t.”

Child 1: “She said you weren’t real.”

Lisonse: “Well, do I look real to you?”

Child 1: “Yeah, but she said the speeds required for you to give presents to all the good children is such that heat from air resistance would burn you up.”

Lisonse: “Well, that’s silly.”

Child 1: “How do you do it, then?”

Lisonse: “Well… Well…”

Lisonse looks at Sim. She shrugs.

Lisonse: “Well, first of all, there are very few good children. Pretty much none, really.”

Child 1 starts to cry.

Lisonse: “No. No. Don’t do that. You’re good, though. Also, I used super technology. Since I’m a super hero.”

Child 1 stops crying.

Lisonse: “Well, I best be going.”

Child 1: “Don’t die, Santa.”

Lisonse sighs.

Lisonse: “That warms my heart, but I can’t tell you everything right now.”

Lisonse climbs the rest of the way to the top.

Sim: “Lying to children. That’s new.”

Lisonse: “Shut up. I didn’t enjoy that.”

Sim: “We need to turn them back on and check to see if their GPS has been activated.”

Lisonse checks each cell phone. One is activated. He shuts it off.

Lisonse: “Back home we go.”