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Stalker Prince 40

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Act 2 Scene 14

Lisonse puts his thumb drive in the computer and load the recording. He cuts most of it out.

Sim: “Going to try and splice his “destruct” and “Unit four, deactivate system”?”

Lisonse nods and plays it. Nothing happens.

Sim: “Doesn’t sound right. Flow or something. Check the HELP thing for pitch.”

Lisonse types away.

Lisonse: “Says a subscription is required.”

Lisonse looks at Abberline. Abberline grumbles and puts in her information. Lisonse starts typing away. The phrase ‘Unit four, de-activate system’ is heard again and again with varying pitch. Nothing happens.

Lisonse starts grumbling, then walks out of the apartment. He stops and walks back. Lisonse’s about to knock on the door, but stops and then lightly knocks on it. Abberline opens it.

Lisonse: “I’m going to need a key.”

Abberline: “I only have two. This and my spare. Don’t lose it?”

Lisonse takes it and walks away. He peeks around the corner to check for security cameras and climbs to the top of the building.

Sim: “We need a directory to find the Recycling Center is and all the city’s other directories so they don’t notice a clump of searches in one area. Then we can start.”

Lisonse: “Fair enough.”

Lisonse skips the first directory and hops down to the second one.

Sim: “We need something to write and write on. Nothing with GPS.”

Lisonse looks in the trash and pulls out a wrapper.

Lisonse: “Half.”

Sim: “Time’s of the essence.”

Lisonse continues to fish through the trash and finds a pen.

Lisonse: “Gotcha.”

Lisonse goes to the directory.

Lisonse: “Wait…won’t they notice my search and have a rough estimate of my position from this?”

Sim: “Maybe. They’ll probably start patrolling around these things too. In retrospect, we could’ve done some research on her computer.”

Lisonse jumps back to the rooftops and reenters Abberline’s apartment.

Lisonse: “Sorry, we’re still new at this. Let me log on one more time and this’ll probably be the last time for tonight.”

Abberline doesn’t complain.
Lisonse is about to look up the Recycling Center.

Sim: “Wait. If we search it up on her’s, couldn’t they do a search for who searched and find this place?”

Lisonse: “Apples!”

Abberlie jumps back a little.

Lisonse: “Why do I keep talking like that?”

Sim: “I guess you’re starting to lose it.”

Lisosne: “Away I go again.”

Lisonse walks out and takes to the tops.

Sim: “Plan?”

Lisonse: “Kinda. I can at least go to a further away directory.”

Sim: “Still leaves the problem with the phones.”

Lisonse: “What do you mean?”

Sim: “They’ll probably notice them missing and see us coming. Although… if we level the place, it’s different.”

Lisonse: “Something about this doesn’t seem right.”

Sim: “If you feel bad about doing bad things, you’re probably not a bad person. Therefore, you can do this bad things and still be good.”

Lisonse passes over the first four or five directories. Then arrives at one, logs on, writes down some info and climbs back to the tops. Soon after he arrives at the Recycling Center.

Lisonse: “I don’t think I can destroy a public building. Doesn’t that kinda go against what I said I’d do earlier?”

Sim: “Lie?”

Lisonse: “I’d rather not. She’s my only friend right now.”

Sim looks offended.

Lisonse: “You’re a terrible friend. You were probably going to suggest that I kill her, next. All you talk about is killing people. I mean, if you were real, you’d be the worst person I’ve ever met. That’s including The Organization.”

Sim looks down at the ground.

Sim: “If it means that much to you, then we can just steal all kinds of things from this place and return them when it’s all over. Nothing with GPS, though.”

Lisonse jumps down and pulls a door to the Recycling Center’s open.