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Stalker Prince 39

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Act 2 Scene 13

Lisonse jumps from the roof tops, landing relatively softly on the ground.

Waitress 1: “This is my apartment building. It’s not much, but it’s home.”

Lisonse: “It’ll certainly do. Do you have a computer?”

Waitress 1: “Yes, but what do you want it for?”

Lisonse: “It’s complicated. Suffice to say, nothing illegal.”

Wiatress 1: “Alright then… I’m going to get something to eat. Want anything?”

Lisonse: “Sure, I’d…”

Waitress 1: “You alright?”

Lisonse: “Sure. Probably never better.”

Waitress 1 goes into the kitchen.

Lisonse: “What do I do?”

Sim shrugs her shoulders.

Lisonse: “I’m certain they’d put enough air in there to last for the charge,
but I don’t want to starve.”

Sim: “Are you hungry right now?”

Lisonse: “No, actually. I just feel heavier. Maybe that’s my mind dying
from lack of food..”

Sim: “Or the charge slowly running out.”

Lisonse: “I’m thin as it is. I’ve never gone a day without food in my life.
How long can a person even go before killing over?”

Sim stares at Lisosne.

Lisonse: “Right. Old shtick.”

Waitress 1 comes back in the room.

Waitress 1: “Where you talking to someone?”

Lisonse: “Just myself.”

Waitress 1: “My name’s Abberline, by the way.”

Lisonse: “It’s best you don’t know mine.”

Abberline: “Mysterious. So are you like, the real deal? I remember a pulling one of these when I was little. Turned out to be terrorist ad, I think.”

Lisonse: “I’m just a person. Could you log on, please?”

Abberline walks over and types in her information. Lisonses hands are twitchy and he accidently breaks one of the keys when he goes to type something.

Lisonse: “Pineapple!”

Abberline looks puzzled.

Lisonse: “Sorry about the key. I’ll fix it, somehow. I’m still kinda getting used to everything.”

Lisonse begins to slowly type away.

Abberline: “Are you downloading something?”

Lisonse: “Yes, media editing software. Do you have a recorder or something?”

Abberline: “Not really. I’ve got a phone if you need to start make a
manifesto or something.”

Lisonse sighs.