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Stalker Prince 38

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Act 2 Scene 12

Alpha, Beta, and Gamma begin circling Waitress 1.

Beta: “Yo, baby. That purse’s looking might heavy. Maybe too heavy for you.”

Waitress 1: “You know…”

There’s a thump in the background.

Waitress 1: “You’re not going to get away with this.”

Beta: “Catch phrase of my life. I’m on my eighth strike. Two more and I get switched to a different kind of community service. Guess I’ll have
to make this one semi-special…”

Beta stops and gets off his bike with the other two circling her. Something moves and Beta’s jaw explodes. Waitress 1 screams and Gamma falls off his bike. Lisonse stands next to the broken Beta, breathing in a raspy tone. Alpha and Gamma disappear.

Waitress 1: “What did you do to him?”

Lisonse: “He’s a big boy. He can schedule an appointment for the dentist.”

Waitress 1: “I appreciate the saving and that statement was rather testosterony, but it didn’t answer the question. His mouth’s all apart and it’s dark. Did you find a gun or something?”

Lisonse: “Oh. Well, no. I kicked him.”

Waitress 1: “I guess we should call the police and hospital then. He’s leaking everywhere.”

Lisonse: “Wait. I have a favor to ask.”

Waitress 1: “I don’t see how that matters.”

Lisonse: “It matters as to what I do next.”

Waitress looks him up and down.

Lisone: “I’m not a super villain. I didn’t mean that as a threat either. It’s just that I need a place to crash since they’re after me. It’s a long story and I can’t tell you because I’ve been brainwashed but I can’t tell you about it because you’re not one of us. I’m innocent, but the point is, if you do let me in, I’ve got to make the call since they’ll trace it back to you and I can’t have that. Okay?”

Waitress 1 closes her cell.

Lisonse: “Righteous”

Lisonse runs to another directory and dials the police.

Police: “You've reached local police system. What's your situation?”

Lisonse: “I’ve got some trash for you to pick up. Better call an ambulance.”

Police: “You’ve reached local police system. Would you like to be connected to the local sanitation system?”

Lisonse: “No. I mean, I’ve capture a criminal and he’s in need of emergency care.”

Police: “Excessively injuring a suspected criminal is a federal offense and you may have be required to take medication combined with a suggested voluntary community service assignment. If you feel that you’d like to talk to a specialist, one will be provided. Please stay for an officer to arrive and assess the situation.”

Lisonse smashes the directory.

Waitress 1: “Hey! That comes from taxes.”

Lisonse: “Actually, you’re right. I’ll stop doing that. We better go though.”

Lisonse picks Waitress 1 up and has her piggy back on him.

Lisonse: “Which way?”